• Newest Way of Clean Green Farming
  • Newest Way of Clean Green Farming

Aldelano Organic Foods is the Newest Innovation in Clean Green Farming. We offer Hydroponically Grown, Organic Greenhouse Produce that has better quality and taste than traditional farming.

Benefits of Aldelano Organic Foods compared to traditional farming:

  • Highest Quality Produce
  • Best Flavour & Taste
  • Highly Nutritious
  • No Residual Toxicity
  • Consistent Supply Round the Year

Why Hydroponic Organic Greenhouse Farming is a BIG DEAL

USDA confirms that about 23 million people suffer from food-related ailments like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity because they have insufficient access to affordable and healthy food.

This explains why Aldelano’s Hydroponically Organic Greenhouse Grown Produce is a big deal to embrace.

We welcome you to a New Way of Farming in Africa.

Hydroponic Greenhouse Farming

This is a method of growing produce in controlled environments where all the necessary minerals needed for plant growth are provided directly to the plants, making them more nutritious and better-tasting. 

  • Hydroponic Irrigation system delivers nutrients directly to the plants
  • Controlled environment offers protection from environmental impacts, pests, and diseases
  • No pesticides or harmful chemicals
  • Best quality of seeds

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