Aldelano Solar Solutions

Life Sustaining Solar Solutions On or Off the Grid

At Aldelano, we are dedicated to helping provide life-sustaining cold storage solutions to those in need, anywhere in the world. Our products are off-grid and require little to no maintenance. Our advanced solar refrigeration and water generation technology allows us to provide those in need with fresh, clean drinking water, cold storage, and renewable power. Our new and improved deep cycle batteries allow us to power your community with quality, lower -cost and rugged renewable energy solutions. Introducing a new way of clean green farming by utilizing our technology to produce hydroponics green-house Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Habanero, Watermelon, and Purple Cabbage,  positions us as one of the companies addressing the food insecurity issues across the globe.  We have spent several years perfecting and creating a life-saving solution for those who do not have the resources necessary to preserve food and obtain clean water. Aldelano has been changing lives through innovative solutions since 1968.

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On or Off-Grid Cold Storage

Water from the Air

Newest Deep Cycle Battery Technology
Lower Cost – Longer Lasting

New and Better Farming Technologies!
Organic Hydroponic Greenhouse Farming

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