Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ Applications

By meeting the most fundamental human needs for safe food and water, the Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ holds the key to transforming entire communities into developing nations with renewable solar energy. But that’s just the beginning.

Whatever your needs—extra storage, energy efficiency, protection from inevitable power grid failures, or an off-the-grid lifestyle with no boundaries—the Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ is the answer. Our professional-grade solar-powered refrigeration system offers off-grid cold storage to even the most remote communities in the world.

The Aldelano Solar ColdBoxTM can help humanitarian organizations or governments fight food waste and provide medical cold storage all through robust solar-powered refrigerated containers. Solar refrigeration has the power to supply farmers, emergency responders, military or off-grid communities with long-lasting solutions that require little to no maintenance.

Off-grid refrigeration brings sustainable and life-saving solutions to communities or organizations anywhere in the world!

Agriculture Industry

  • Crop storage – increasing the life of crops prior to transfer to market or export
  • Marketplace – display products without exposing them to the heat, open air and contamination of the outdoor marketplace       

Emergency/Rescue Organizations

  • Provide quick, portable disaster relief in devastated areas suffering from loss of electricity, access to drinking water, consistent food supplies, and pharmaceuticals

Food & Beverage Industries

  • Use at manufacturing, packaging or distribution locations where cold storage is required
  • Accommodate seasonal or temporary overflow storage needs
  • Use to quickly set up for new product launches
  • Set up at distribution locations with no cold storage capabilities to allow the receipt of refrigerated products
  • Replace refrigerated containers being used for storage to eliminate operating costs
  • Portable design allows total flexibility


  • Offer safe, convenient storage for life-saving blood transfusions, organ and tissue donations, refrigerated pharmaceuticals, and vaccine preservation.

Hospitality Industry/Restaurants/Grocery Stores

  • An alternative to walk-in coolers with high operating costs
  • A reliable source of cold storage without concern for power failures

Sea Ports

  • Provide temporary, refrigerated storage for holding product
  • An alternative for companies shipping temperature controlled products


  • Support the farming/agricultural industry in preserving food for distribution and export – saving lives
  • Support areas without reliable power or in need of refrigeration and clean drinking water


  • Provide portable refrigeration to remote operations for the storage of food and medicines
  • Off-grid operating system eliminates the vulnerability to an attack on the power supply or the hazards associated with procuring fuel
  • Life-saving water generation

Floral Industry

  • Extend the life of cut flowers without incurring expensive operating costs
  • The optional Aldelano Solar WaterMaker™ can be incorporated into a flower misting system

Life Off the Grid

  • Supply electricity, cold storage, and drinking water ANYTIME and virtually ANYWHERE to ANYONE seeking a lifestyle that is independent of existing power grids