Aldelano harnesses solar power to provide energy for our Solar ColdBox system along with its attachments. Solar refrigeration is fairly self-explanatory, the solar power is stored and it powers the refrigeration unit. A less ubiquitous technology is our atmospheric water generator.

Water being created out of thin air sounds like something you might read in science fiction, but the technology is very real. Aldelano uses innovative technology to pull water molecules from air using solar power. This sustainable system is able to provide a constant source of water and electricity. The science behind our Solar ColdBox along with our Solar WaterMaker and Solar IceMaker attachments are changing the world.

How Does This Amazing Technology Work?

Everyone is already aware of the fact that water resides in the air. Think about last time you experienced a very humid day. You were probably miserable, but the air was thick with water. The Aldelano Solar WaterMaker is an atmospheric water generator, which means it draws the water molecules from the air, filters them, and converts it into drinkable water. This is invaluable, because it not only provides water, it provides clean water.

Waterborne illnesses run rampant in developing countries, and the Solar Watermaker eliminates this devastating issue. As a huge bonus, this is all being powered by solar energy. Which means it’s clean drinking water with no cost. This sustainable solution has the power to truly change lives.

The Power of the Sun

Solar power is integral to our process. We know how difficult obtaining energy can be in places with limited resources. That’s why the Solar ColdBox is such an incredible technology. During the day the Solar ColdBox runs directly off the sun’s energy and uses batteries at night. If a certain discharge level is reached, the Aldelano SmartLogic system switches on. This is a system which will automatically switch to an alternate energy source if needed. Once the batteries reach the need charge level, it switches back to solar. This means that water production will not be halted if the batteries need some more charging time. You are in a constant state of water production.

Aldelano Strives to Innovate

As amazing as our technology is, we continue to innovate. That’s what makes Aldelano an industry leader. We are constantly thinking of new ways to help the world. Our technology is unmatched in the industry. The combination of our Solar ColdBox, Solar WaterMaker, and Solar IceMaker applications are making a difference in places that may not have had what they need to survive. If you have any questions about obtaining a Solar ColdBox contact us today or view the Aldelano website for more information.