Violence in Central Africa has left over a million children in dire need and children’s rights violations on the rise.

The dramatic increase in conflict in the already unstable region has left families without basic necessities. Over 20% of schools are closed and those that are open lack enough teachers. Without security and education, many children are being recruited into armed groups.

“Children and women are of course the first victims: half of the population in CAR is in need of humanitarian support, that is 2.5 million people, including 1.3 million children.” – UN News Centre

The United Nations is working hard to provide humanitarian support to the region. UNICEF has provided non-food items such as mats for sleeping, mosquito nets to prevent disease, blankets, cooking supplies as well as water and sanitation intervention. They have also provided reintegration services for children released from armed groups.

“UNICEF has helped provide temporary learning spaces for over 50,000 children in 2017, and plans to do so for 85,000 children in 2018.” – UN News Centre

UNICEF is not alone in providing aid to this region. Organizations such as Aid for Africa, Action Against Hunger, and more are vigilantly providing long-term humanitarian assistance to those in need in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It is no surprise that in an area of conflict there are serious health risks. UNICEF has deployed immunization campaigns in several regions where NGOs are no longer able to operate or provide essential health services.

Providing humanitarian aid to this region is complex. Aid workers and those in need are often in danger. Equipment must be mobile and able to operate off-grid to allow aid centers the freedom to move when the risk of violence is high. Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions has resources that are up to this challenging task.

We offer robust, industrial-grade solar refrigeration, solar power generation, solar atmospheric water and ice generation. Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions products can be used for medical cold storage, clean water generation where water wells are not possible, cold storage for food, and enough solar power to support a small home or village.

“In 2018 the needs are growing: we are going to need every support we can get if we do not want the children of CAR to be left to a terrible fate,” Christine Muhigana, UNICEF Representative

Our goal is to connect with government organization and NGOs to offer support to the areas of the world in great need. We provide mobile, solar, off-grid and life-saving resources to provide aid in even the most remote locations.



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