Why every business needs cold storage solutions is a valid question to answer before talking about the capacity they need. In this article, we have opened your eyes to why cold storage solution is a must for every business and where to get the best.

A lot of businesses invest in a cold storage solution because it was pitched to them, especially in the Agriculture sector for food preservation and the Health Sector for vaccines, Blood, etc. Preservation. What many fail to understand is why they should invest in a particular product.

Questions like; why should we buy this particular product? What’s the special effect we’ll get from buying this product? How does this investment affect our business processes and progress? In this article, you will learn what you should look out for when buying a cold storage unit for your business and where you can get the perfect one that meets your needs.

Cold Storage Solutions is an integral part of storage solutions because of its many benefits. Aldelano’s Solar ColdBox offers the following benefits;

  • Suits Any Kind of Requirement

Do not buy a cold storage unit because it’s cheap or can be found in your next door. No! An ideal cold storage solution is designed based on specific variables such as the Environment, Climate, Region, Size of your goods, and other specifications that are particular to you and your business alone. This is why we take the time to understand your needs before giving you an accurate quote of what will work best for you at Aldelano.

  • Temperature Control

An Aldelano Solar ColdBox comes with optional remote temperature monitoring and remote temperature control. This will help you to store different products in your unit according to their standard specifications. If you buy our ColdBox, you gain total control!

  • Aldelano’s ColdBox is Cost-Effective

The operating cost of cold storage solutions that depend on regular power supply costs more in the long run. But, Aldelano Solar ColdBox, runs directly from solar power during the day and stores solar energy (batteries) for usage at night. Up to 15-hour battery feed before the generator is needed. And the Generator simultaneously runs the equipment and charges the batteries reducing the need for the generator. 

  • On and Off-grid Options Available

You can decide to have our on or off-grid option. It’s all about providing you with the perfect solution for your needs and that’s why your preference is essential at every stage of our design.

  • Special Feature Available 

Special weather-proof coating seals against rust and reflects UV rays keeping the box cooler and running more efficiently. It also has a filtration system that protects components against elements including sand and dust.

Aldelano’s Solar ColdBox can be used as an independent power supply for both 110v and 220v items. Click here to learn the various uses of Cold Storage 

There are more than enough benefits for your business with our ColdBox!