Ways that Sky Conditions Affect the Solar ColdBox™

The Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ is an innovative portable cold storage unit that is powered by the sun and can provide clean, reliable water as well as refrigerated food items. The ColdBox™ is versatile and can be useful for many different types of situations, people, or companies, including natural disasters, emergency situations, restaurants, agriculture, medical supplies, floral companies, seaports and more. One of the most common concerns for our Solar Coldbox™ is whether or not it will still be functional when clouds or storms obstruct the sun’s rays from reaching the solar panels on the cold storage unit.

Indirect Sunlight and Solar Panels

Although the ColdBox™ solar panels work more efficiently in direct light from the sun, indirect sunlight from clouds and rain can still provide energy to our cold storage units, and at times, may provide more energy.

  • Cloud Effects: On a dark, cloudy day, you may think that the sun is not able to reach solar panels on Earth. Although you may not be able to see the beaming sunlight, clouds have the ability to reflect sunlight that is unseen. Due to this reflection of light, solar panels are still able to generate a useful amount of energy.
  • Rain Effects: Rain is actually very beneficial to solar panels. Not only can the rain clouds reflect light, but the rain acts as a cleaning agent. It will wash away all of the dirt and debris that could be affecting the functioning of the solar panels.


The Aldelano Solar ColdBox™

Whether you are an individual who runs a business, wants a cold storage backup or wants to provide water and food assistance to those in need, the Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ is the perfect cold storage unit for you. It is a reliable, industrial-grade warehouse that can be delivered anywhere in the world. And it requires little effort to set-up and maintain.

This innovative cold storage until can go down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit and up to +40 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 to +4.4 Celsius) in any climate around the globe. And you will have the option to add the Aldelano Solar Watermaker™, which will use solar panels to transform air molecules into fresh drinking water.

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