Over a hundred thousand people in Cameroon are in need of life-saving assistance.

Violence in western regions is the primary driver behind the increase of refugees seeking urgent aid form the Central African Republic. Nearly 437,000 people from Cameroon have been uprooted due to violence and insecurity. Also, the deteriorating situation in northeast Nigeria has resulted in over 10,000 refugees arriving in Cameroon in 2018.

“The Government of Cameroon is responsible for the protection and wellbeing of its people and has been at the forefront of the response with its national and international partners,” added Ms. Yap Mariatou. “We acknowledge the scale of the different crises we face, and we encourage all the actors to work in close partnership to address the needs of Cameroonians and of the people we host.”

The need for humanitarian assistance is expected to increase in the coming years.

The United Nations expects needs to increase by 30% in the coming year, which would place nearly 4.3 million people in Cameroon in need. The UN also estimates that almost one in six people, mostly women, and children, require lifesaving assistance.

In 2018, only 40% of the $320 million response plan for Cameroon was funded, leaving many in desperate need. Aldelano Solar Solutions products help dollars spent by humanitarian organizations stretch across years, creating a strong return on investment. The Aldelano Solar ColdBox offers solar cold storage for medicine, vaccines, blood and equipment to even the most remote regions of the world that do not have access to infrastructure. The Solar ColdBox is just one life-saving product that can help humanitarian organizations serve thousands in need.

Just five days ago on January 25th2019, the United Nations appealed for aid in the Cameroon crisis.

“Hundreds of thousands of people on Cameroon’s territory need urgent assistance and protection,” said Allegra Baiocchi, the UN resident and humanitarian coordinator for Cameroon. “Attacks against civilians have increased and many conflict-affected people are surviving in harsh conditions without humanitarian assistance due to the dramatic underfunding of the response. Cameroon today can no longer be a forgotten crisis. It needs to be high on our agenda.”

Violence and a nation strapped for resources mean humanitarian and governments organization must utilize industrial-grade equipment that is both mobile and solar. Aldelano Solar Solutions products, offer mobility, plug-and-play, and robust solar power ensuring organizations have the practical, long-lasting tools necessary to support developing nations in crisis.