I am K.C and I worked in Liberia as a researcher. I am also the founder of a local youth organization called Liberian youth Initiative on Climate Change(LIYICC). For years, I have traveled throughout my country to almost a thousand remote villages and town conducting research about health strengthening, agriculture, and education. I have witnessed the suffering and problems underprivileged women, children and men I faced with continuously.
This God blessed innovation and poverty ending solution (Aldelano Solar Solutions) is just what my country needs in almost all its regions. The joy I felt when I first witness the video of Aldelano solar is just indescribable.
With great convictions and courage, I know exactly how this product will put a smile on millions of crying faces. As one of the poorest nation in the world, for years my country has not been able to feed herself. We produce a lot of food in some region but due to the deplorable road condition in my country, its almost impossible to get farm products to the market on time. Tons of food produced by self-supported farmers is turned into waste monthly. There are no better means to store the food for future consumption
[Aldelano Solar ColdBox]. Sometimes due to this situation, some important farm products go missing from the market for over a month. When some are available, the price is so high that only certain people can afford the solution.
Aldelano Solar is just what we need right now to put an end to this situation.
Also in the health sector, more lights are needed at the health facilities in remote regions at night. Recently, a man was drowned trying to get a canoe from across water to transport his pregnant wife to a health facility where they had a qualified midwife because there were not enough traditional midwives at their little clinic. This incident happened in Lofa county in my Liberia. These kinds of tragic death incidents can be prevented if the right mechanisms are put in place. A solar suitcase has been installed at most of the clinics in the maternal ward, but the recent impact evaluation survey I help conducted informed us that there is a greater need for light! Safe drinking water is a serious issue within various communities in our capital city. In rural Liberia, the situation is even worse. People are still drinking from unsafe water bodies.
I have toured the entire country of Liberia and I know the problems we face in-depth. We depend too much on foreign imported goods to survive. Local vegetables that we are capable of growing and keeping on the market are continuously imported. Aldelano Solar products are urgently needed throughout Liberia.
Its amazing how many problems this product will solve. It will even help our fish market because fishermen nowadays operate on a huge loss due to no storage alternative. Aldelano Solar products will even serve as a huge boost for Liberia newly elected Government pro-poor Agenda. I would love to be a recruiter for Aldelano. I want to market this product not just for earnings but the joy it brings to my heart to see this product making a tremendous change in the lives of people. No amount of money can buy such feeling. Please add me to the recruiter hub asap.