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The Aldelano Solar ColdBox: Effects of a Cloudy Day

Ways that Sky Conditions Affect the Solar ColdBox™ The Aldelano Solar ColdBox™ is an innovative portable cold storage unit that is powered by the sun and can provide clean, reliable water as well as refrigerated food items. The ColdBox™ is versatile and can be useful for many different types of situations, people, or companies, including [...]

Aldelano Opening New Facility in Jackson

New Aldelano Facility Opening in Madison County to Test and Create Solar Powered Products We are proud to announce that Aldelano is opening a new manufacturing facility in Jackson, Tennessee. This new facility will be dedicated to the production and testing of our solar powered items. It was official when Nicole Smith (Aldelano COO), along [...]

Standard Refrigeration vs. Solar Refrigeration

How does solar refrigeration differ from standard refrigeration? Here at Aldelano, we spent a great deal of time manufacturing and creating the solar refrigeration technology to make our Solar ColdBox work. So naturally, we are well aware of the differences between solar refrigeration and standard refrigeration, as well as the many benefits and uses that [...]

4 Ways Access to a Fresh Water Generator Transforms Lives

Access to a fresh water generator gives people much more than just pure, drinkable water. Did you know according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 780 million people worldwide do not have access to consistently clean, drinkable water? To those of us who have never gone without it, fresh water is a commodity [...]

The High Cost of Food Waste and the Cold Storage Solution

Food waste is a worldwide problem. Here’s how cold storage can help. According to the Natural Resources Management and Environment Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, “the world can produce enough food to provide every person with more than 2,700 calories per day. Yet more than 800 million people in [...]

Aldelano History Lesson: Developments in Solar Power

Join Aldelano for the developments in solar power If you asked almost anyone when solar power was invented, most people would assume some time in the recent past. The 90s, the late 80s, maybe as far back as the 70s, but anything before that seems unlikely. There is something undeniably modern about the idea of [...]

Aldelano History Lesson: Aqueducts to Water Generators

From the aqueduct to the fresh water generator For most of us living in the U.S., easy access to clean water isn’t something we need to worry about. Though there are some regions that are often struck with drought or pollution that restricts or contaminates drinking water, the majority of us don’t think twice about [...]

Aldelano History Lesson: A Brief Look at Cold Storage

A brief history of cold storage and refrigeration What would you do without your refrigerator? What would happen to all the food you store there? Granted, it might finally get you to dig in and throw out the containers full of forgotten leftovers that have started to turn strange colors, but what about all that [...]

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