Children in the Central African Republic (CAR) are suffering from malnutrition and thirst. The infant mortality rate is at 18 percent and severe acute malnutrition is higher than the emergency threshold of 15 percent.

Najat Rochdi, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for CAR shared, “Where you have kids, those little girls and little boys coming to you and looking at you and telling, ‘I’m hungry, I’m starving,’ it’s horrible, really horrible. Unfortunately, the situation has worsened because we had in one year’s time an increase of 70 percent of the internally displaced people. Meaning more children, more little girls, and more little boys, meaning also that it’s a whole generation that is sacrificed because they are not going to school.”

The situation in CAR is the result of violence between the mostly Christian anti-Balaka militia and the mainly Muslim Séléka rebel coalition. The results of this confrontation have left adults and children displaced without resources. The United Nations launched a stabilization mission in 2014 to assist with security, human rights, humanitarian aid and political issues.

Families all over the world do not know whether they will be able to feed their children from one day to the next. Those living in turbulent regions worry about their ability to access medical care if the worst occurs. Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions has created off-grid, life-saving resources that humanitarian organizations can take into even the most remote regions of the world.

Amid funding shortages, Ms. Rochdi told French journalists, “It breaks my heart every time a child comes to me and says I’m hungry.” Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions products offer humanitarian organizations with robust solar resources that require little to no maintenance. When funding is an issue, organizations must invest in solutions that last and have the ability to supply aid ten times over the original investment.

Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions products provide solar power, clean drinking water generated from moisture in the air as well as cold storage for food, medicine or blood. Our long-lasting solar solutions can aid regions for years or they can be moved from one critical region to another.

• 20 Ft To 40 Ft Cold Storage Container Ranging From -10 To 55 Degrees Fahrenheit
• Solar Power Generator Than Can Power A Single Home or Entire Village
• Up To 1,000 Gallons Clean Water Generated from Moisture in The Air And 2,300 Lbs. of Ice

The mobility of these resources allows humanitarian organizations to take game-changing equipment where they are needed.

Access to resources provides access to hope.