The number of acutely food insecure people in South Sudan has increased by thirteen percent since January of last year.

“The projections are alarming and food security continues to worsen,” said Pierre Vauthier, FAO’s interim Representative in the country. “Together with the people of South Sudan, we need to act urgently to reverse this trend.”

The increase includes 300,000 people experiencing extreme food insecurity in eastern and central South Sudan. The amplified number of people at risk has been influenced by dry spells, flooding, crop disease, and pest infestation. High prices due to rain-dependent agriculture and limited food have left many vulnerable.

Nearly 860,000 children under five are severely malnourished.  Urgent assistance is needed in the region.

The Aldelano Solar ColdBox offers humanitarian organizations and governments solar cold storage for crops, medicine, and blood. Cold storage increases the life of crops to ensure food can be distributed across regions. The United Nations has conducted relief operations since 2013, which included reaching people in isolated areas. Aldelano Solar Solutions can help reach people in remote regions with solar clean water, cold storage, and power.

As humanitarian assistance dries up, Unity, Jonglei, Upper Nile, and Lakes are at risk for famine!  Relief will require sustained humanitarian support.

The FAO is providing 800,000 farming, fishing, and agropastoral households in severely food insecure areas with food, tools and fishing equipment. The organization is also vaccinating animals. UNICEF is assisting nearly two million children and their mothers to deliver nutritional services while also offering micronutrient supplements, water, and sanitation/hygiene services. WFP will offer 175,000 metric tons of food in more than 60 warehouses to reduce delivery costs.

Solar solutions offer instant infrastructure and lifesaving support to those in need. Cold storage ensures food and supplies have the proper accommodations to last in severe weather conditions. Access to solar power also creates an opportunity for children to attend school and offers communities access to greater resources!

“Sustained humanitarian support is required to address the immediate food assistance needs,” said UN Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan Alain Noudehou, adding that it is also “critical to support resilience”.

Infrastructure is one of the first steps to sustainable change. While weather conditions have made crop supply weak, solar cold storage helps local farmers and fishers receive greater ROI. Cold storage also helps opportunity for shipping foods across the nation to help reduce hunger.

Aldelano Solar Solutions products aim to strengthen communities, stop hunger, diminish waterborne illness, and spur economic growth!