On Tuesday, January 29th2019, the Myanmar Government and the United Nations’ agricultural agency signed a multi-year plan to improve nutrition and food security while safeguarding and sustainably managing natural resources.

Rural income generation is critical for building resilience in Myanmar. Enhanced resilience will help local farmers combat natural and humanitarian disasters, climate change, as well as transboundary and emerging infectious disease. The country has experienced a decline in malnutrition in just a few decades.

Agriculture is the primary source of income for most households in Myanmar. Prior to military rule, the nation was known as the rice bowl of Asia as it exported nearly 1.7m tons of the commodity between 1961 to 1963. Today, the country is experiencing food scarcity. The population density of Myanmar is high, creating challenges for food and land scarcity. Relying on food importation increases the risk of famine due to poor infrastructure and large distances between markets.

“Improving and expanding Myanmar’s agricultural sector requires education and research, the development of improved seed, fertilizer and irrigation infrastructure, and mechanization.” Cornellpolicyreview.com

Aldelano Solar Solutions offers governments instant infrastructure for rural farmers through solar cold storage. Solar cold storage increases ROI by extending the life of crops, which spurs economic development and resilience.

“…the second largest country in Southeast Asia- with climates and geography ranging from the mountains to deltas, deserts, alpine regions, subtropics, and tropics a single agricultural upgrade strategy will not be possible.” Cornellpolicyreview.com

It will be critical for the country to respond to unique regional needs. Aldelano Solar Solutions products are solar industrial-grade, off-grid resources that offer power, clean water, and enough power to serve a single home or entire village. Currently, Myanmar’s lack of electrification creates major struggles for commercial operators. There are government and donor-backed small-scale solar plans in progress. Aldelano Solar Solutions offers robust commercial solar solutions for the nation.

Food security is the condition is which all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food. Aldelano Solar Solutions products provide humanitarian organizations and governments with solar resources to combat food insecurity, food waste, waterborne illness, and lack of infrastructure for electricity.