Farmers in Uganda have traditionally relied exclusively on rainfall to grow their crops.

Drought and dry weather conditions have left many farmers with poor harvests. The growing challenge has prompted The Government of Uganda to revolutionize their weather report system to provide local farmers with a better weather, water, and climate monitoring system. The goal is for the new reporting method to offer farmers improved information about growing conditions.

The severe drought in 2017 across Horn Africa threatened water security, ruined crops and worsened chronic hunger throughout Kenya, Somalia, and South Sudan. Uganda’s natural lush pastureland was not spared. The country’s verdant fields were replaced with dried red clay. The drought left more than nine million in need of aid.

During a drought, the life of harvest is critical. Hot temperatures impact the lifespan of produce for farmers and their ability to make a sale. Drought often results in the loss of many crops; yields must be protected to reduce food waste and hunger. Aldelano Solar Solutions offers farmers cold storage equipment that lengthens the life of their harvest by keeping produce in controlled temperatures. Cold storage creates a higher return on investment for farmers and reduces food waste!

Improved Weather Reports for Uganda Farmers

Uganda’s new weather information system will take time to perfect. Solar solutions can bolster the life of crops post-harvest, right now! The Aldelano Solar ColdBox can be used at ports or the market. This industrial-grade cold storage unit can even be rented to multiple farmers and used in an entrepreneurial capacity.

Uganda will also be working with Fit Insights Group, a business that provides value chain analysis. The public-private sector partnership will give the farmers forecasting data and financial services. Data and financial support can be critical for an industry that operates on thin margins. The partnership will potentially increase development quickly and widely.

Infrastructure and national technology developments take time, and people continue to suffer in the process. Aldelano Solar Solutions hopes to aid African nations through sustainable solutions that operate independently of the power grid, right now! Governments and humanitarian organizations have the power to bring robust solutions to support their farmers.