Solar Powered Water Generators are the Solution to Arsenic-Free Water

According to the National Center for Biotechnology, more than 100 million people, including individuals in the United States, have been chronically exposed to water containing dangerous levels of arsenic. For those who aren’t quite sure what arsenic is, it is both an organic and inorganic metal that comes from the Earth’s crust. If inorganic arsenic is ingested, say through water, it can be toxic and deadly. There are several places around the world whose main water supply is poisoned by arsenic and dangerous to drink. In these places where there is no other reliable water source, what do you do? Our Solar Powered Water Generators at Aldelano are the solution.

How does water supply become poisoned by arsenic?

Water supply can be contaminated by arsenic naturally through soil, rocks, air and several minerals. This is especially true if the drinking water is coming from a deep well or hole in the ground. Water can also be contaminated by arsenic through human activity such as mining, factory work and use of pesticides.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of arsenic poisoning can range from acute to fatal. Similar to food poisoning, you may experience intestinal issues such as nausea, numbness and muscle cramps. If you are exposed to a significant amount of arsenic, it can result in death.

The long term symptoms can include skin cancer, developmental effects, diabetes and several other diseases. As for women who are pregnant, arsenic poisoning can end the life of an infant or cause developmental and cognitive defects.

Who is affected by arsenic poisoning?

Anyone can be affected by arsenic poisoning. However, according to the World Health Organization, countries such as Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, China, India, Mexico, Thailand and the United States of America are especially concerned about water contaminated by arsenic. Particularly in Bangladesh, arsenic poisoning is at it worsts, putting millions of people’s lives at risk every day.

How can Solar Powered Water Generators help?

Our Solar Powered Water Generators at Aldelano provide a solution to help prevent toxic arsenic from getting into the water supply. These generators are powered by the sun, so there is no need for electricity or other forms of energy. Even on a cloudy day, the water generators will still be able to function.

In addition, these Solar Powered Water Generators also use the sun and water molecules in the air to create a filtered, clean and reliable source of drinking water (producing up to 50 gallons of purified water per day). This is especially needed for those in countries that do not have other sources of clean drinking water such as Bangladesh, Haiti, Ghana and India, among many other places. Our Solar Powered Water Generators can not only prevent diseases and negative effects that result from arsenic poisoning, but can also save millions of lives around the globe.

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