Fresh water generator needed for child drinking water out of faucet

How Fresh Water Generators Can Prevent Waterborne Disease

If you don’t live in a developed country it can be hard to imagine what life would be like without access to clean water. The last thing you have to worry about when filling up a glass from the faucet is whether or not parasites and harmful bacteria will be in your water. In many developing countries this luxury is foreign and drinking dirty water could spell extreme pain or at worst, death. Waterborne illnesses are extremely common in developing companies, and they can ravage an individual’s life. This is why Aldelano’s fresh water generator technology is so important.

According to Unicef diarrhea, the most common waterborne illness accounts for 1.8 million deaths a year. When someone gets diarrhea, they become extremely dehydrated and lose large amounts of electrolytes. Dehydration requires water to sate, so the very thing they need to get better is what caused the issue in the first place. An extremely easy way to prevent this common illness is simply washing your hands, but without fresh water washing your hands is almost pointless. A fresh water generator would be able to provide clean water for people to sanitize their hands.

Children, due to their weaker immune systems, are especially susceptible to waterborne illnesses. Due to this weakened immune system, they are also much more likely to perish from their illness. Of the 1.8 million deaths attributed to diarrhea, 90% of them are children. Access to sanitized water from a fresh water generator can really cut down on this number and cut down on many other waterborne diseases.

How Disease Can Affect an Individual’s Life

No matter what waterborne disease an individual contracts, their lifestyle is bound to be severely affected. Imagine the worst kind of food poisoning you’ve ever had. More than likely it completely incapacitated you for at least a day. Someone with a waterborne illness has to deal with worse pain than even that, and many times they can’t afford to miss completing their daily tasks. As mentioned above, sometimes this illness doesn’t go away, and can eventually lead to death. If someone is sick, it may also put the burden of caring for them on a family member. This family member is now also unable to go to work or school. This domino effect can really decrease the productivity of a community.

How Aldelano’s Fresh Water Generators Are Providing Relief from Waterborne Disease

The Aldelano Solar WaterMaker is a fresh water generator that is able to produce up to 50 gallons of fresh water every day. The process that Aldelano’s WaterMaker uses kills bacteria and viruses. It also sanitizes the water using UV. When a developing country is able to utilize our product, they don’t need to collect and boil water, thus eliminating another time-consuming task. In many cases, a fresh water generator might be the only option to have completely clean water. A fresh water generator makes drinking water something that people in developing countries no longer need to fear.