Aldelano Learning About Solar Panels

Aldelano and the Science of Solar Power: How Does it Work?

Aldelano is proud to help people all over the world have access to clean drinking water and solar refrigeration. To do this we utilize the power of solar energy. Without this, providing these resources off-grid would be a much more complicated endeavor. But how does it all work? Many people benefit from solar power but are unaware of the science behind it. A better understanding of how solar power is created can give you a better understanding as to why it’s such an amazing resource.

Why does Aldelano use Solar Energy?

Why not? The sun is an unlimited renewable resource, and the energy it creates is emission free. Solar power is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced methods of green energy that people utilize. In addition to all of these benefits, solar energy is extremely cost effective. In fact, many people with panels on their homes end up being paid for putting energy back into the national grid.

Other than the initial cost of the solar equipment, your energy source is completely free. Luckily the sun’s not greedy, so it will continue to provide you with infinite energy free of charge! Aldelano is excited to make the most of the opportunities that solar energy provides and use it to make the world a better place.

Aldelano uses solar energy due to the advanced nature of solar panels. Thanks to advancements in solar panel technology we are able to use solar power to create incredible off-grid solutions to major problems such as clean drinking water and sustainable refrigeration. Aldelano is pushing the boundaries as to what solar energy can be used for, and we are excited to continue to push innovation in this particular field.

How does Aldelano use Solar Energy?

Typically, solar energy is gleaned from the use of solar panels. These solar panels are what captures the energy from the sun and are the key component of solar power. Photovoltaic cells on the solar panels convert the sunlight that is absorbed into direct current electricity. This occurs when the photons from the sun interact with the cells on the solar panel.

Photons are units of light and are the source of solar power. The electricity gained from this process is then run through an inverter, which converts the energy into alternating current electricity. Aldelano products will draw the energy that is stored throughout the night and during the day it will run off direct sunlight. This ensures your Aldelano product will continue to run regardless of time or weather conditions.

If you are interested in solar refrigeration or clean drinking water through solar power, please take the time to read the Aldelano website. Feel free to contact Aldelano with any questions about our products.