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Adelano Agriculture Lesson: Crops That Are More Important Than You Might Think

Everyone knows how important corn and wheat are to countries around the world. These are the staple crop superstars, but there are some unsung heroes of the agriculture world that you might not be aware of. Aldelano wants to make sure these crops get the recognition they deserve!


Yams are one of the most important staple crops in Africa. The annual production of these starchy crops is around 52 million tons. Yams are an excellent source of Vitamin C and can grow up to several feet in length. Yams are known as a root or tuber crop. These crops are such a significant part of African agriculture that they even hold yam festivals at the beginning of harvest seasons.


Soybeans are produced in annual amounts of around 230 million tons. This bean is extremely important for humans, soil, and animals. It’s an essential protein for many people, a great fertilizer for soil, and a high-protein feed for animals. This little bean does a lot for the world and its inhabitants. Soy food and soy milk have become more popular over the years and demand is higher than ever.


Another important crop for Africa, as well as South America, is cassava. Another root, this crop is extremely drought-resistant and hearty. Annual production for this crop sits around 233 million tons. The unique thing about this starch is that it must  be cooked, as it contains traces of cyanide!  


One of the most important cereal crops in the world, sorghum has many uses. This crop is in the same agricultural family as wheat and rice. This crop can be made into sweetener, bread, and even beer. This is another crop that isn’t affected very much by weather and soil conditions. Clocking in at around 66 million tons for annual production, this cereal crop is crucial for many countries.

Aldelano and Agriculture

Aldelano is dedicated to providing off-grid solutions and solar solutions to assist low-income countries to keep their crops fresh longer. We offer solar coolers to keep crops fresh and edible. Aldelano is a proponent of sustainability worldwide, and we offer our solutions to anyone who might be interested. In addition to our solar coolers, we offer fresh water generators. These generators produce up to 50 gallons of water a day, potentially solving drought and water quality issues. If you want to find out more about Aldelano and our products, feel free to contact us or view the Aldelano website today.