The inferno that engulfed the foothills of Sierra Nevada has become one of the deadliest wildfires in California’s modern history. The fires spread from one of the wealthiest zip-codes in California to a low-income retirement community. Strong winds, no rain and low humidity have created key conditions for wildfires.

  • Camp Fire
    • 117,000 acres burned
    • 42 dead
    • 200 missing people
  • Woosley Fire
    • 435 structures destroyed
    • 57,000 structures under threat
  • Hill Fire
    • 4,500 acres burned

Officials are expecting the death toll to continue to rise significantly. Residents of Paradise, an area charred by the Camp Fire, say that they do not expect the town to rebuild. The town consisted of retirees, mobile homes, and small businesses.

“It just hits home on the fact that we are still in significant fire weather and the existing fire is not our only concern,” Chief Mark Lorenzen of the Ventura County Fire Department said to the New York Times on November 12th.

Many victims are left with no home and are forced to rely on make-shift shelters. Aldelano Solar Solutions products offer relief organizations life-saving solutions for electricity, clean water, and cold storage for food or medicine.

Wildfires compromise power lines and access to basic necessities. Off-grid, mobile solar solutions that require little to no-maintenance offer shelters the robust resources they need to aid victims.

Mr. Hana told the New York Times, “It’s either God’s way or nature’s way of telling me I needed to downsize,” he joked. “I just didn’t realize I needed to downsize to that extreme. Really, did we have to go that far?”

Over 149,000 residents have been evacuated as a result of the fires. Officials are warning those eager to return to their homes that many areas as still not safe. Camp’s deadly fires have left thousands in dire need of support. A major disaster declaration was signed for Butte, Los Angeles and Ventura counties, which will provide individual and public assistance.

While individual and public assistance take effect, relief organizations can rely on solar resources to aid those in need through both cost-effective and tangible means.