Erratic weather has damaged crop production in Syria.

Roughly a million Syrians are returning to their homes as security has improved. However, many are still reliant on aid as their homes are destroyed and their livelihoods are lost. Wheat crop is the lowest it has been in nearly three decades, resulting in the cost of wheat increasing.

“It is likely that everyone in Syria will, in some way, be affected by the abysmal wheat crop” said a WFP spokesperson

Six million people in Syria are food-insecure and thirteen million are dependent on humanitarian assistance. The UN agency’s Executive Director, David Beasley, traveled to Lebanon to visit with the 700,000 Syrian refugees who are dependent on World Food Program food assistance.

“Syrians have endured unspeakable hardship over the last seven years of conflict. World Food Program is working every day to help the most critically affected families put food on the table, work that is a basis for building peace,” said WFP

Between now and March 2019, the UN agency needs $136 million for Syria operations. World Food Program is currently supporting food productions and income generation projects in areas that are secure with functioning markets. Aldelano Solar Solutions products offer humanitarian organizations solar, off-grid cold storage equipment that extends the life of crops. Aldelano offers instant infrastructure to rural areas through power generation, water and ice generation, as well as cold storage.

Syrian families are in need of safety, shelter, clean water and warmth. Aldelano Solar Solutions offers humanitarian organizations mobile, life-saving resource that meets these immediate needs. Solar resources quickly monetize natural resources including sun, air, agriculture, and labor.

Syria’s shattered infrastructure and economy mean that resources must be off-grid capable and require little to no maintenance. Aldelano Solar Solutions offers reliable solar equipment that is easy to use and require almost zero upkeep. Solar tools have the potential to spur economic development to nations in recovery. Government and humanitarian organizations can lease solar solutions to farmers, fishermen, medical facilities, and other industries.

Syrians returning to their homes will need support that the country currently cannot provide. Aldelano Solar Solutions products offer communities in need with the robust, industrial-grade support they need to thrive.