Injection medicine that need refrigerated containers

Preserve Medical Supplies Off-Grid with Solar Refrigerated Containers

Whether in a war zone, at the site of a natural disaster, or simply in a rural region lacking grid electricity, refrigeration is necessary for the preservation of not only food but medical supplies, especially in a crisis situation. As the world experiences more turmoil from natural disasters, armed conflict or food crisis, relief agencies find themselves looking for cooling solutions for life-saving goods and services.

Solar Refrigerated Containers

One solution to provide refrigeration for medicines and life-saving vaccines in areas lacking electricity is to use solar powered refrigerated containers. Off-grid, solar refrigerated containers are designed to collect solar energy in daylight hours, then to continue cooling by using stored solar energy collected in batteries during the night. Backup cooling can be provided by using gasoline powered generators connected to the container.

Aldelano is a worldwide leader in solar refrigerated containers. Our containers have a 15 hour battery run time, before a backup generator is needed and with our Aldelano SmartLogicTM, your container will automatically know when to switch to an alternative energy source when the batteries reach a predetermined discharge level and when to switch back.

Optional Features of the Aldelano Refrigerated Containers

Aldelano refrigerated containers come in 50hz and 60hz models and can be equipped with onboard display panels for accurate temperature monitoring, which can be critical in storing medical supplies. Remote temperature monitoring and control is optional. Special weather proofing on the actual container protects against rust and reflects solar rays to facilitate more efficient cooling.  Our boxes ship as a fully assembled, single unit, only needing the solar panels to be erected and connected at time of delivery.  Our custom filtration system guards components from the elements including sand and dust.

Lastly, Aldelano’s solar refrigerated containers are made in the USA, ensuring the highest level of quality in construction of both the solar panel modules as well as the actual container. High-quality in construction means high-quality in performance, ensuring the preservation of your medical supplies.

Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions

If you are looking for off-grid, cold storage solutions that take advantage of solar power, Aldelano, the leader in solar refrigeration, can help you find the ideal solar cooler solution for your medical supply needs. Contact our Ontario, CA office at 1-855.765.7269 to discuss your solar cooler or other cold chain or solar water making needs today. Our experienced and professional staff is here to help you find the best solution for your solar cooler needs.