Inside a solar refrigeration unit

The Beginnings of Solar Refrigeration

Many of us know that the concept of preserving food dates back to ancient years. However, the artificial refrigeration we use today in our everyday lives began in the 1750’s. Since the 1750’s, refrigeration has improved and engineers are continuing to develop new ways for refrigeration to become even more efficient. One way is utilizing solar power technology to create life-sustaining solar refrigeration that has the capacity to operate off-grid.

Believe it or not, solar power technology has been around for decades. In fact, solar power was first introduced in 1839 when a French physicist named Alexandre Edmond Becquerellar discovered that solar cells can convert sunlight into a source of energy. This paramount discovery is what led scientists, researchers, and engineers to invest years of research and innovation toward solar technology. Without this foundation, the solar refrigeration we have today would cease to exist.

What is Solar Refrigeration?

Solar refrigeration is a cold storage unit used to preserve food, liquids, medical supplies and more using the power of the sun as the main source of energy. At Aldelano, our off-grid solar refrigeration unit comes in several different sizes, can be delivered anywhere in the world, and provides a cold storage solution for those who need it most.

How is Solar Refrigeration Used?

There are many different ways that our solar refrigeration units can be used. Some common applications of our solar cold storage solutions include:

  • Preventative Measure for World Hunger
  • Disaster Relief
  • Agricultural Preservation
  • Military Aid
  • Medical Supply Preservation
  • Floral Industry Preservation
  • Restaurant Cold Storage
  • Life Off-Grid

If you would like to learn more about how you can use our solar refrigeration units, call Aldelano at 1-855-765-7269.

How Aldelano is Making a Difference with Solar Refrigeration

At Aldelano, we are dedicated to developing life-sustaining solutions for those in need, no matter where they live. We understand the potential that solar refrigeration has on minimizing world hunger and other barriers that prevent people from meeting their physiological needs to live a healthy life. Whether our solar refrigeration is needed here in the United States or across the globe, we are committed to proving efficient and reliable off-grid cold storage solutions.

So, whether you are an individual who wants to live off-grid, a company who needs energy efficient cold storage, or someone who wants to make a difference in others’ lives, our solar refrigeration units are the solution for you. Contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives at Aldelano for more information and to order a solar refrigeration unit today. We can be reached by phone at 1-855-765-7269.