Solar Power for Post Harvest Losses – A sensible Solution for Africa & other Developing Countries

Who else believes that Africa can feed the world? This question can’t be easily answered by many people because of the known food insecurity challenges faced by the African continent. According to recent reports by FAO and AU, an estimated 346 million people in Africa are affected by food crises! In the face of this known challenge, how can anyone possibly think that Africa can or will ever be able to feed the world? If Africans can embrace Solar Power for Post Harvest Losses, feeding the world is achievable. 

However, it is important to understand that about 60% of the world’s uncultivated land is laid in Africa. It is estimated according to ASARECA that if all the arable land in Africa were to be nurtured, with the right information, technology, and knowledge of farmers from credible research institutions and other technical expertise, Africa would be capable to feed over 60 percent of the world population by 2050.

Yes! Africa has fertile land and the best environment to grow various crops for its citizen’s immediate consumption and exportation. Sub-Saharan countries have immense economic potential but are still treated as a baby that needed intervention from everyone to be great. Despite the potential to thrive in Agriculture, Africa is still one of the major food importers globally! Why? What could be the challenge? And is there any way out? What do we need to do to make Africa great again? You will get answers to these questions if you read to the end.


Inadequate processing and drying, poor storage, and insufficient infrastructure are instrumental to food insecurity in Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, food losses are estimated to be enough to feed at least 48 million people! Post-harvest losses are one of the major challenges that need to be tackled. About 50% of vegetables and fruits with lower shelf life are wasted every year due to the lack of cold storage infrastructure.

And it’s impossible to isolate inadequate cold storage solutions from the epileptic power supply. Power generation in Africa is a known challenge that would be discussed in another article. Loss of produce translates to a loss of production resources. This is why Poverty will be rampant where food loss is dominant.


A lot of studies have revealed to us the challenges faced by Africans and why food insecurity needs urgent attention but not many people have given a practical approach to this situation. One of the ways to solve a problem is to be at the center of it and put to practice your invented solutions. 

The first solution to post-harvest losses of food in Africa is to embrace a new way of clean green farming, especially for Vegetables and Fruits. Hydroponics farming is of the ways to improve the shelf life of a product and ensure its availability in and out of season. This is not just theory but what we have tested and seen.

Aldelano has one of the largest bell pepper farms in Nigeria that offers hydroponically grown bell peppers to the populace in Nigeria. We have about 34 Greenhouses dedicated to the growth of bell peppers only, in our system of farming every nutrient needed by the plants is supplied which makes them healthy, have a longer shelf life, and have a better taste than what is obtainable in any traditional farming system. 

Another thing that must be done is the provision of adequate cold storage infrastructure! As earlier mentioned, we are at the center of the challenges and our vision is to help Africa feed the world. The Aldelano Solar ColdBox ( installed on the Aldelano Farm is our Solar-powered cold storage solution that helps in the preservation of food.

Food preservation must come to the fore if Africa will need the world. Africa must adopt technologies that guarantee the preservation of its produce.


The epileptic nature of the power supply in Africa needs to be addressed. Farmers need access to an adequate power supply to produce quality foods and avoid wastage. That’s why Aldelano Solar Solutions is extending its manufacturing experience to Africa.

As leaders in the manufacturing of life-sustaining Solar Solutions systems, Aldelano is presenting to you; 

  • The Aldelano Solar ColdBox: Chiller, Refrigeration, and Freezing options with temperatures from -10 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit within either a 10, 20, or 40ft shipping container. They are portable and totally off-grid through the power of solar and batteries.
  • The Aldelano Solar WaterMaker: Atmospheric Water Generation Technology that pulls the moisture out of the air, converts it to drinking water, and even makes ice. It is powered entirely through solar and we have models that can create from 30 to over 1,000 gallons of clean water per day and up to 2,300 lbs. of ice.
  • The Aldelano Solar PowerPak/Generator: Industrial-sized solar power converting stations that provide a continuous source of power for all of your electrical needs. Featuring Aldelano Batteries.
  • Aldelano Batteries: Aldelano’s Lead-Acid and AGM batteries are a low-cost, high-value option for proven and reliable technology. Our batteries were designed for solar energy storage and can be used for most deep cycle battery applications. They come in different models and capacities to fit your needs.
  • Aldelano Organic Foods: the Newest Innovation in Clean Green Farming. We offer Hydroponically Grown, Organic Greenhouse Produce that has better quality and taste than traditional farming. This also enables us to have a year-round harvest, making food available for the populace in and out of seasons.